Vivo X80 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Camera comparison – in Images

Vivo X80 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Smartphone camera technology is evolving on daily basis. Nowadays, people are depending on smartphones to capture everyday moments. Recently, two major smartphone brands Samsung and Vivo brought camera centric premium Android Mobile phones in India – Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Vivo X80. One of the major selling point of Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Vivo X80 is the camera specifications they offer.

Both Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Vivo X80 Pro come with top-end features. As these smartphones are popular for mobile photography and the company claims to offer flagship camera experience, these definitely call for a comparison and I have exactly done that based on price, camera features, specifications, and more.

Let’s start with Vivo X80 Pro

Back in December 2020, Vivo announced the strategic partnership with Zeiss, to jointly promote and develop breakthrough innovations in mobile imaging technology for its flagship smartphones. This partnership signifies a perfect blend of Zeiss’s unique imaging expertise and Vivo’s technological process in developing immaculate smartphone cameras. The smartphone brand brought its first Zeiss-backed mobile – Vivo X60 series in 2021 and it showed another brand how an Android phone can produce images without any compromises.

After the success of Vivo X60 and X70 series globally because of its camera performance, Vivo recently launched X80 series – X80 and X80 Pro. Vivo X80 Pro priced at Rs 79,999 (12GB + 256GB is available in Cosmic Black color. The Vivo X80 Pro feels quite premium and looks elegant. The Vivo X80 Pro, the flagship phone from the brand, comes with several Zeiss enhancements. Furthermore, it features industry’s first Zeiss Gimbal Portrait Camera, 360-degree Horizon Level Stabilization, 50 MP Ultra Sensing IMX866 Sensor powered by unrivalled performance of Pro-Imaging V1 + Chip.

The Vivo X80 Pro features a quad rear camera setup, including a 50MP Samsung ISOCELL GNV primary sensor, a 48MP ultra-wide Sony IMX598 shooter, a 12MP Sony IMX663 sensor with a portrait lens, and an 8MP sensor with a periscope-shaped ultra- telephoto lens. There is also a 32MP selfie camera on the front with an f / 2.45 aperture.

Honestly, Vivo made great strides in terms of camera experience they are providing on its latest Vivo X80 Pro. The hopes were high from the brand after testing the camera performance X60 Pro and X70 series. And I can say that this smartphone has clicked all the right boxes when you say a good camera centric phone or flagship camera phone. The Vivo X80 Pro is indeed for those who are into mobile photography. This Vivo X80 Pro is so far the best camera smartphone in its price segment. We have shared a few camera samples from Vivo X80 Pro and the pictures came out very sharp, colorful, detailed in various light conditions.

Camera Samples:

Note: Images attached above might not do justice to the actual quality which you usually use them on phones.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is priced at Rs 1,09,999 for the 12GB + 256GB option. Meanwhile, the top-of-the-line 12GB + 512GB model is priced at Rs 1,18,999. Samsung offers the Galaxy S22 Ultra in Phantom Black, Phantom White, and Burgundy and brought Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 SoC for the first time in India.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with a quad rear camera setup that includes a 108MP wide-angle camera, a 12MP ultra-wide angle camera and 10MP telephoto camera and support for 3x optical zoom. The device also comes with a fourth 10-megapixel telephoto camera with an f / 4.9 aperture lens and 10x optical zoom. The camera supports Space Zoom, like its predecessor, with 10x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom with AI Super Resolution technology. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a 40-megapixel camera sensor in the front with an f / 2.2 aperture lens.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is built with a 2.4um pixel sensor – Samsung’s largest pixel sensor ever, enabling its camera lenses to capture more light and data and optimizing the lighting and detail of your video clips. S22 Ultra’s advanced ‘Super Clear Glass’ lens will help you take smoother and clearer night-time videos without flares. The photos we captured were colorful and beautiful. While taking multiple shots with different modes, the Galaxy S22 Ultra did a decent job here. The Zoom quality is the best feature for me in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. The zooming capabilities will get you 100x closer to the action. Here are some camera samples from S22 Ultra:

Camera Samples

Readers, please note that all images taken in the ‘Normal Settings’ from Vivo X80 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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