The Democrats Have Had Enough of Joe – But Not of His Policies

For three years, the liberal media assured us that Joe Biden was the most popular Presidential candidate in US history. Any of his shortcomings were immediately dismissed. His completely devoid of achievement political career was disguised as “experience.” His monumental flip-flops were passed as “bipartisanship.” His ineptitude in public speaking was spun as “empathy.” His lack of appeal and charisma was hailed as a “return to normalcy.” Even though he was the oldest candidate to ever run, questioning his physical or mental fitness for office was tantamount to “inciting an insurrection” – even though much younger candidates that came before him routinely faced these inquiries.

Those of us who saw through political spin, well understood long before that election Joe Biden was going to be an incompetent President. But we were wrong. Joe turned out to be extremely competent at what he was elected to do. He was elected as an empty vessel intended to be filled with radical left policies aimed at destroying America – and he has done that faster than anybody ever anticipated.

The honorary representative of the sexually perverse society known as The Lincoln Project, Rick Wilson, once wrote a book entitled “Everything Trump touches dies.” Even though the title is worthy of a developmentally delayed first grader, it would be shockingly prophetic if you substitute “Trump” for “Biden.” Every Joe Biden policy; every executive order; every public pronouncement resulted in a wide-ranging disaster that left us wondering if Joe is a demented old fart or an evil genius.

Yet, the left was not bothered by Joe Biden’s failures until very recently. In fact, covering for Joe Biden became American media’s favorite pastime, second only to Trump-bashing. That changed only once Joe Biden’s approval numbers fell below Brian Stelter’s. When that happened, the media discovered (almost overnight!) That Joe Biden is kinda old.

Here is Don Lemon, asking if the President really “has the stamina to continue on:”

And even though Karine Jean-Pierre ever so subtly hinted that “this is not the question we should be asking” (if we want to continue having these interviews, of course,) the far-left Atlantic echoes that sentiment:

“Let me put this bluntly: Joe Biden should not run for reelection in 2024. He is too old.”

Only the people that sustained permanent mental damage from Trump Derangement Syndrome, and the low IQ cast of The View, pretend that all Joey needs is another four years to prove himself. The rest of the Democrats realize that Biden’s days are numbered, in a political sense. And although the official party line is: “Yes, he’s fit to be president right now. But he’s too old for the next election, ”the only person who even entertains the idea of ​​another Biden run is Biden himself. The real purpose of the “whispers” about Biden’s fitness for office is to mount the pressure on him to step aside before he completely destroys the Democrat party presidential hopes for 2024. After this weekend’s bike mishapthese “whispers” will only grow louder.

Because of Joe Biden, the American public is turning away from the Democrat agenda. People are now wise to the suffering the far-left’s deranged ideas unleash on hard-working Americans. The Green New Deal utopia drove gasoline prices to levels never seen before. Soft on crime DAs unleashed murderous chaos on American city streets. “Free money” turned out very expensive as every product doubled in price due to inflation. “Men can be pregnant” theory led to sexual assaults in public schools and severely damaged women’s sports. The American people are rejecting corporations that embraced the whole ideology (here, hereand here,) which made many of them re-think the strategy. Even the media seems to have gotten the message.

But all of this is an act of desperation. The Democrats have lost the American people, but they are not done with the far-left agenda. Here is Hilary Clinton revealing the age-old Democrat strategy: you disclose your plans only after you win an election:

“We are standing on the precipice of losing our democracy, and everything that everybody else cares about then goes out the window. Look, the most important thing is to win the next election. The alternative is so frightening that whatever does not help you win should not be a priority. ”

The media is not turning on Biden because his policies are destroying the country. They are turning on him because he is not doing it efficiently enough. In their eyes, Joe Biden is damaging in only one sense: he is utterly unable to convince the public that they are supposed to embrace their suffering. His image of an “empathetic” grandpa who “feels your pain” is replaced by a senile old fart with access to a nuclear button that he might accidentally push overdosing on Ovaltine. That image will never be repaired in an American’s psyche, so Joe must go.

But people who are currently propping Joe up are here to stay. There are powerful (but woefully incompetent) forces that are behind the agenda that Biden is rubber-stamping every week before departing for Rehoboth Beach at 10 am every Thursday. They are desperately looking for a fresh new face who can stand upright and speak coherently (obviously, the latter eliminates Kamala). Joe Biden set them back. They will try again.

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