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Squid Game Season 2 is the Korean K Drama Series released on Netflix. During the time of the Pandemic when everyone is at home feeling Bore, Depressed that time squid games are like a stress buster for the audience. The first episode of the series is released on 17 September 2021.

The story of the series is when some persons are in Debt and they’re unable to pay the debt and they were facing distance from their family and are depressed. The company is approaching the persons who were in debt firstly they were paying them just by playing a simple game.

So everyone is happy and they’re offering them to play a game and earn money but they have no idea about the game. So instead of living a painful and hell life, they decide to play a game. When everyone is on the island to play the game the first game is Red Light and Green Light.

Squid Game Season 2: Every Update Here

Also known as Doll Game the trend is also so much trending on Instagram as everyone is making reels on that music. In the first game, the contestant gets to know that when one contestant eliminates from the game they will kill them.

When everyone gets to know about this they panic and want to go back to their home and the majority go back. But as life under debt is not as simple as everyone thought so they go back to playing the Game the situation of Do or Die.

Lee Jung Jae is the lead role in the series and he plays the character of Seong Gi-Hun. Seong Gi-Hun is the winner of the Game he eliminates everyone 100 players in the game and he takes 50 Million to his home.

At the end of the series, he gets to know that the mastermind of the game is Player No. 1 basically he is the oldest player of the game and he is the Businessman who is getting bored with his daily life that’s why he started this game for the adventure but in the end, he died and Seong Gi-Hun decides to play the game again as he got the invitation.

So in season, 2 everyone is very curious to know what will happen now. Netflix has officially dropped the teaser of the series Squid Games season 2 on 12 June 2022. So this is now confirmed that the series is going to be released soon and will update you whenever we get any update on the release date of Squid Games Season 2 .

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