18 FREE Ambisonic Sound Effects

Download these free surf and skate ambisonic sound effects to bring your 360 films, videos, or gaming experience to life.

Whether you are working on a surf or skate video or just looking for some ambisonic sound effects for actions going on in the background of your video or game scene — you have come to the right place.

Sound effects are vital to bringing any film or game project to life. They are usually lower in the audio mix with music tracks (and sometimes dialog.) favorite films and games would not be the same without some incredible sound design. They help create a rich texture to the audio of your video or game project, and without them, your viewer will feel wholly disoriented and not a part of the world you have likely worked very hard to build.

In this post, we are giving away eighteen surf and skate ambisonic sound effects completely FREE. Check out this preview video below!


Shutterstock Sound Effects Library

These are just a handful of free sound effects we’re offering. For thousands more, you can visit the Shutterstock Sound Effects library. This is the first Metaverse-ready SFX library. The tracks are presented in stereo, 5.1, and ambisonic formats. All of our immersive sound effect tracks can be used in a variety of projects like VR, game streaming, game development, immersive films, ads, documentaries, and more.

Download this free pack now to give them a try. You will not be disappointed. See you in the Metaverse.


Feature image via ADB Garage Works.

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